Athletes as Leaders: Why they represent the missing link in today’s leadership crisis | Chris Valletta | TEDxWaterStreet

Chris Valletta | TEDxWaterStreet | #reset21

I was 16 years old when my High-School Football Coach gave me the “unlock” to become a leader of consequence.

This philosophy would not only take me all the way to the NFL, but it became the foundational operating system, upon which I built my personal life and career in business. The concept is easy to understand, but, like growing a muscle, requires a focused attention and daily effort to maximize the impact…something we practiced every minute of every day on the gridiron.

What qualities makes up a Ropeholder?

What separates a winner from a champion?

What is the difference between those who love to win; and those who refuse to lose?

Aside from physical talent, what skills make up the most impactful leaders?

I believe athletes, by virtue of the skills they instinctively possess, represent one of the most qualified, yet untapped sources of leadership talent today.

Chris Valletta | TEDxWaterStreet | #reset21

Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, said that “The biggest skill gap in the U.S. is not coding but communication, team building and leadership.”



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